IBM® Service Management Unite is a customizable dashboard interface that brings mainframe management information and tasks from disparate sources into a single environment.

IBM Service Management Unite provides system programmers, operators, and administrators with a transparent view of system health status and allows for easy problem identification. The console enables operators to see both monitoring and automation exception events together, so they can identify critical problems. Operators can quickly and confidently analyze, isolate and diagnose problems by providing all relevant data in a single location. IBM Service Management Unite also enables operators to interact directly with the system by issuing commands and viewing results without going to a different console.

The following example illustrates a IBM Service Management Unite user scenario:
  1. The operator views both monitoring and automation exception events, sorted by severity on the consolidated event viewer, and customized for her area of support.
  2. The event viewer has the events sorted by priority, so the operator selects the top event not acknowledged by another operator.
  3. The event pertains to a problem with a resource owned by a WebSphere® Messaging Queue Manager.
  4. The operator navigates to the WebSphere Messaging Queue Manager detail page to view key performance metrics, and determines that a specific channel is not running.
  5. The operator navigates to the problem isolation page for channel not running. The operator views a list of suggested actions to restore service.
  6. The operator issues a command to fix the problem and restore service.

IBM Service Management Unite also provides access to automation functions to start, stop or recycle business applications running on z/OS®, even from mobile devices. This flexibility helps system programmers, operators, and administrators by delivering more usable and efficient automation and system and network management capabilities. The integrated operations console can be used by operators to issue commands such as starting and stopping heterogeneous business applications on IBM z Systems® and distributed platforms.