Using the Mail Onboarding Manager

The Mail Onboarding Manager tool moves your on-premises IBM® Notes® mail data to the cloud and provisions new or existing Connections Cloud accounts with SmartCloud Notes mail.

The tool creates a replica of your on-premises Domino® directory in the tool locally. You can then step through a simplified process of transferring mail files and assigning subscriptions, while the tool does most of the work for you. The tool is organized into 5 pages, each of which provides information or capabilities that step you through the onboarding process.

You control when and how you move the mail files and provision the accounts. You can monitor the onboarding progress on the tool's Dashboard or the Detail view on the Staging page. If adjustments are needed, you can make them without the help of an IBM partner. For additional information about the Mail Onboarding Manager see IBM Mail Onboarding Manager Overview and Education on the IBM developerWorks wiki.

To use this tool you must have completed your hybrid account setup configuration. Some of your organization's hybrid account setup configuration settings are used as the tool's account setup defaults.

Make sure that you communicate to end users that their mail will be moving to the cloud. To learn more about planning for moving to the cloud, see the topic Preparing for onboarding.