Customizing updates to IBM Client Application Access

If users install IBM® Client Application Access, you can customize how the Auto Update Service downloads software updates.

About this task

To customize the Auto Update Service, send an email to with Auto Update Service Request Your Organization Name in the subject line. In the body of the email, supply the following table, entering values for the numbered items.
Table 1. Customizing updates to Client Application Access
Item Number Value Description
(1) Organization name (required)   The name that is shown in the Organization Account Settings page in the service when you log on as an administrator. For example, Renovations.
(2) Customer ID (required)   This value is also shown in the Organization Account Settings page. For example, 30325611
(3) Name of the application to configure (required) IBM Client Application Access The name of the application to be updated.
(4) Version to install   Specify one version of the application that can be installed. By default, the latest version is automatically installed.
(5) Maximum version to install   Specify the maximum version of the application that can be installed. By default, the latest version is automatically installed.
(6) Silent installation Yes or No Specify whether to install the application silently in the background. By default, a silent installation is done automatically. Specify No to allow users to defer (but not decline) the upgrade.
(7) Group name   To apply the update for only some users, provide the name of a group in the company Domino® directory that includes the users as members.
(8) Send status reports Yes or No Specify Yes to receive email reports that indicate how many users have an updated version of the application and which applications were successfully updated. By default, no reports are sent.
(9) Download location   Use this option to specify an alternative location from which to download software updates. By default, updates are downloaded from Auto Update Service over the Internet. Companies can specify a different location, such as a local network drive or HTTP address. This option can improve download performance for companies that do not use caching on their Internet gateway.


A customer service representative responds when the request is complete.