Requesting integration server enablement

To begin using the integration server, your administrator must contact a Customer Services Representative (CSR) to request enablement.

About this task

Be prepared to supply your account information.


Send an email to with Integration server enablement request - Your Customer Name in the subject line. The email must contain the items in the following list. The first three pieces of information can be obtained from the Organization Account Settings page for your organization.
  • Organization name
  • Customer ID
  • Organization contact email address
  • Email address that is to be used to access the integration server. This account must already exist in the cloud and have the Administrator role. This account does not need a user role or any subscriptions assigned to it.

You can request additional email addresses that are to be set up as integration server users, as long as they are existing accounts with the Administrator role.

You are notified when enablement is complete and you can use the integration server. Note that your CSR might need several days to complete your enablement. This enablement account is known as the integration server user account.

The integration server email address and password are used to log into the integration server to upload integration server change files and download the associated report, log, and trace files. Because the integration server email address and password might be embedded in scripts, use an account that is set up for only this purpose, rather than use an account that is assigned to a regular user.
Note: Requesting integration server access is similar to requesting journaling enablement, but you must use a different user account for downloading journal files.