Using a policy to push settings for IBM mail support for Microsoft Outlook

Use Mail and Desktop settings in a policy to push settings that are required in the cloud to user mail files. Then, users don't have to configure the settings themselves.

Before you begin

Read about the requirements for setting up policies in the cloud. For more information, see Using administrative policies.

About this task

Enable the policy settings described in the following table for users who will use Microsoft Outlook.
Table 1. Policy settings required for Microsoft Outlook users
Settings document Setting and value
Mail Settings > Calendar and To Do > Display
  • Display new (unprocessed) notices Yes
  • Process cancelled meetings automatically Yes with Show as cancelled in calendar selected
Mail Settings > Calendar and To Do > Notices
  • Remove meeting notices from user's Inbox after user has processed them Yes
Note: The following settings are enforced in the cloud and can't be overridden by you or a user:
  • Display the following meeting notices in user's Inbox: All or All except responses. None is not allowed.
  • Automatically process meeting updates and apply changes to meetings: Yes
  • Skip processing of meeting updates that have pending reschedules: Yes1
Desktop Settings > Preferences > Internet Internet mail format HTML only or HTML and Plain Text
Note: Do not select Plain Text only as this setting causes certain inline images in mail messages that are sent from IBM® Notes® to appear as file attachments in Microsoft Outlook.
1 This setting ensures that when a meeting location is updated while there is a pending reschedule, users who have not responded to the invitation see the correct information. It is only visible in an updated version of the Domino Directory template. For information on getting the latest template for IBM Domino® 9.0.1, see Technote 4037141. Note this setting is applied in the service even if you do not use the Domino Directory template version that contains it.