Setting preferences

You can use system preferences to set defaults for the tool. Preferences are optional; you do not have to set them.


  1. Click your organization name and select Preferences.
  2. Click the preference you want to set.
    Table 1. System Preferences
    Preference Description
    Server ID Use this preference to provide a new server ID. You provided this information when you initially set up the tool, but there might be occasions when you need to change it. Set this preference so that you do not have to run setup again.
    Important: This ID needs to have access to all mail files that you want to transfer to the cloud.
    Warnings During the onboarding process, the tool identifies both errors and warnings. Errors must be resolved. Warnings do not have to be resolved, however some warnings might indicate an issue that you would prefer to resolve before onboarding a user.

    Set Warnings preferences to select which warnings will stop the onboarding process so that you can resolve the issue identified by the warning.

    Replication Location Use this preference to identify an on-premises location where you want to store mail file replicas. Provide the name and password, if applicable, to access a shared folder where mail file replicas are stored.