Specifying an accessory subscription

You can provision users with accessory subscriptions by using the integration server.

You can provide users with accessory subscriptions such as SmartCloud Notes® Traveler, IBM Connections Docs Cloud, and Archiving Retention Data Feed. Accessory subscriptions require a compatible base subscription. For example, to use Traveler, the user that is being provisioned would first need to have a valid Notes subscription ID. The base subscription ID must be specified when you provision the user.

To initiate this user provisioning process, you must first request integration server enablement from your customer services representative and then configure your FTP site as instructed. See Requesting integration server enablement for details.

The provisioning operations that support accessory subscriptions are Add, Remove, AssignSeat, and RevokeSeat.

Capture your accessory subscription information in the required CSV file format and upload the CSV file to the integration server. All user provisioning change file operations are described in the Creating user provisioning change files topic. Considerations that are specific to these operations for accessory subscriptions are as follows:

Use Add to entitle a subscriber to an accessory subscription. Specify both the accessory subscription ID and the compatible base subscription ID in either the SubscriptionId or SubscriptionId2 field.
Use AssignSeat to entitle a user to an accessory subscription. Specify the accessory subscription ID in the SubscriptionId field. To assign an accessory subscription seat, the subscriber must have an existing compatible subscription seat.
Use Remove to remove a user; any accessory subscriptions the user is entitled to are revoked and the accessory data is deleted.
You cannot use ChangeSeat to change from one accessory subscription to another. When ChangeSeat is used on a base subscription, and an accessory subscription is associated with that base subscription, the accessory subscription is also transferred to the new base subscription.
Use RevokeSeat to specify an accessory subscription keyword for the SubscriptionId field to revoke a specific type of accessory subscription. Use keyword IBM_DOCS, TRAVELER, or RETENTION to specify the subscription type you are revoking. Using RevokeSeat on a base subscription also revokes any associated accessory subscriptions.

Reassigning accessory subscriptions is not supported. For example, specifying a RevokeSeat or Remove operation that uses an assignTo qualifier to reassign data resources to another user reassigns only collaboration data; any accessory data is deleted