Connecting a Notes client to the cloud community manually using the standard service login

Complete this task to manually connect a supported IBM® Notes® client to the cloud community using the standard service login.

Before you begin

Notes must be installed with the Sametime (integrated) option selected.

About this task

Complete this task to connect a Notes client to an on-premises community as the primary community and the cloud community as a secondary community. You might use this option to allow just some users to try the cloud instant messaging community, rather than enabling the cloud community for all users. This setup allows a user to switch between communities. Note the following requirements:
  • The on-premises community must be configured as the primary community.
  • The on-premises IBM Sametime® server must be configured to support IBM Sametime Standard clients. Your company must purchase the Sametime Standard license separately, as the cloud entitlement supports IBM Sametime Entry only.

Also complete this task to manually configure a Notes 8.5.1 FixPack 5 client to connect to the cloud instant messaging community. Only Notes 8.5.2 or later clients can connect to the cloud community automatically.

This procedure describes how to connect using the standard service login name and password created through the user account in the cloud. To connect using your organization login (federated SAML authentication), see the chat user help or the topic Creating an installation package that connects rich clients to the cloud community using SAML authentication.


  1. From Notes, click File > Preferences.
  2. Click Sametime.
  3. Click Server Communities.
  4. Click New Server Community.
  5. In the Server Community type field, select Sametime.
  6. In the Server Community name field, enter a name, for example, Connections Cloud.
  7. Enter the name and password that you use to log in to the cloud.
  8. Click the Server tab.
    1. In the Host Server field, enter the community host name that corresponds to the cloud data center you use. Pick the host name with the root that matches the host name you see in the URL when you log in to the cloud.
      • North American data center:
      • Asia-Pacific data center:
      • European data center:
    2. In the Server community port field, enter 1533.

      Firewall restrictions might prevent you from logging in to the community on port 1533. If you cannot connect, change the port to 80, and log in again.

    3. If an on-premises community is the primary community, make sure this community is below it in the list of communities.
  9. If you configure Notes 8.5.2 or later clients to connect to an on-premises IBM Sametime community as the primary community and the cloud community as a secondary community, disable automatic connections to the cloud community:
    1. If your account has the user role, click Admin > Manage Organization.
    2. In the System Settings section of the navigation pane, click IBM SmartCloud Notes.
    3. Click Account Settings.
    4. Click Instant Messaging.
    5. If you also connect browser clients to an on-premises community, select Enable an on-premises IBM Sametime community for SmartCloud Notes web users. Otherwise, select Disable intant messaging integration.
    6. Click Save.