Stages of account deletion

After you delete a user's account, the user can no longer log in to the service. However, the account data stays in the service for a period of time before being permanently deleted. This staged deletion allows you to restore an account, for example, if the account was deleted by mistake. If you don't want to wait for an account to be permanently deleted automatically, you can force the permanent account deletion to release the account subscriptions for other users.

The following table describes each stage of user account deletion.

Table 1. Stages of user account deletion
Time period after deletion State
Up to 30 days
  • The user account shows the status Trash in the User Accounts page.
  • During this time period, you can:
  • The mail file is inactive and cannot be opened by the owner, or by another user who has delegation access to the mail file. Mail is not delivered to the mail file.
  • The subscriptions associated with the deleted account cannot be assigned to other users.
After 30 days
  • The account is no longer visible and you cannot restore it or force a permanent deletion.
  • The subscriptions assigned to the user account are released and are available for other users.
  • You can create a user account with the same common name and email address as that used in the deleted account.