IBM Tivoli Monitoring, Version 6.3 Fix Pack 2

Web Start client

Take the following steps to configure the Web Start client.


  1. Change the JNLP template files:
    • Windows Edit the install_dir/Config/tep.jnlpt file and locate the line beginning with codebase=.
    • Linux AIX Edit the install_dir/config/tep.jnlpt file and locate the line beginning with codebase=.
  2. Change the value of the codebase variable to codebase="http://$HOST$:1920///cnp/kdh/lib/". Do not substitute the portal server hostname for the $HOST$ variable.
  3. Locate the <resources> section and add the following line directly under the last <property name...> line:
    <property name="cnp.http.useIHS" value="false"/>
  4. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the component.jnlpt file in the specified directory.
  5. You must reconfigure the Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server browser client to update all of the .jnlp files.