IBM Tivoli Monitoring, Version 6.3 Fix Pack 2

Firewall gateway redundancy configurations

Agent switching between a primary monitoring server and a secondary monitoring server is a common feature in IBM Tivoli Monitoring environments. The IBM Tivoli Monitoring firewall gateway feature also has the capability to provide failover mechanisms for connectivity.

Attention: You cannot use agent switching on the agents that host the firewall gateway.
There are two configuration types for the setup of the KDE_GATEWAY:

Redundant configuration

Redundant configuration uses no firewall redundancy, but uses a secondary monitoring server connection (CT_CMSLIST) in the configuration file of the agent to allow multiple connections. This configuration uses the proven logic in the agent to determine when it should switch to another monitoring server if it loses the primary connection.

Failover configuration

Starting with redundant configuration as a base model, you can add failover capability to the gateways in the trusted zones. There is additional capability in this set up. Failover configuration adds a layer of resilience to the upstream gateways and proxy agent client requests to either of the two available Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Servers. This configuration is completed in the gateway XML configuration files.

To access the XML files that you need for this configuration, as well as the topology diagrams and more information about firewall gateway redundancy, go to