What’s new and changed in IBM Spectrum LSF Process Manager Version 10.2 Fix Pack 7

The following topics summarize the new and changed behavior in IBM Spectrum LSF Process Manager ("LSF Process Manager") 10.2 Fix Pack 7.

Job script definition can now accept parameters

Previously, providing a parameter for a job script caused an error, LSF Process Manager would exit, and the job was not submitted. This has been fixed in Fix Pack 7 so that parameters are now accepted by job scripts.

Accurate job state from LSF reflected in Process Manager

Previously, job status was inconsistent between LSF Application Center and LSF Process Manager. When a flow within a long time job is submittted and then this job is suspeneded in LSF, the status changes to USUSP. However, if the flow is viewed from LSF Application Center ( Flow Instance > Jobs), the job status is still RUNNING. But if the job id is viewed from LSF Application Center, the job status is Suspended.

This has been fixed in Fix Pack 7 so that LSF Process Manager accurately reflects the suspended job status.

Project names assigned to flows

In Fix Pack 7, you can now add a PROJECT attribute to a flow as you would to a single job.

When viewing an LSF Application Center workload, a Project column allows you to filter workloads using the PROJECT attribute, if one has been assigned to a flow definition, specified when submitting a flow, or if it is entered into a submission form.

To assign Project names, the flow variable JS_FLOW_PROJECT has been introduced for this release.

Calendars updated automatically

After upgrading the LSF Process Manager server to Fix Pack 7, calendars are updated automatically. The Calendar Editor action in Fix Pack 7 is "Save & Apply". However, if an old Calendar Editor is used, the text still reads "Save" but the calendar will automatically be applied with the new Fix Pack 7 server.