2. Enable another Batch System

About this task

In order to be able to submit jobs to a batch system other than LSF®, you need to enable it in Process Manager so it can be selected by the user in the Job Definition. All valid batch systems are listed in Flow Editor, in the Job Definition, under the General tab, Select the Batch System, Name .

There are ready-to-use configuration files and submission scripts for IBM® LoadLeveler® and Open Grid Scheduler/Grid Engine in $JS_TOP/$JS_VERSION/examples/conf/other_batch.


  1. On the Process Manager server host, create a subdirectory under$JS_ENVDIR/other_batch.
    Important: The name of the subdirectory you create becomes the identifier of the batch system and will be displayed in the Job Definition and as the job type when monitoring jobs in flows.

    For example, to configure a batch system called mybatch, create the directory $LSF_ENVDIR/other_batch/mybatch.

  2. If you are using IBM LoadLeveler or Open Grid Scheduler/Grid Engine, copy the example files provided for your batch system from $JS_TOP/$JS_VERSION/examples/conf/other_batch to your directory. If you are using a batch system other than IBM LoadLeveler or Open Grid Scheduler/Engine, copy the example files from one of the directories provided for IBM LoadLeveler or Open Grid Scheduler/Grid Engine as a starting point.

    You will need control.sh, submit.sh, query.sh, settings.conf, and submit.conf.