Getting fixes from IBM Fix Central

After you install or upgrade IBM Spectrum LSF Process Manager, use IBM Fix Central to find and download the fixes that are recommended by IBM Support for IBM Spectrum LSF Process Manager products. From Fix Central, you can search, select, order, and download fix packs and interim fixes for your system with a choice of delivery options.

About this task

Before you download a fix from IBM Fix Central (, have the following information at hand:
  • Know your IBMid and password. You must log in to the Fix Central website before you can download a fix.
  • If you know exactly which fix you need, you can search for it directly from the Search Fix Central field on the IBM Fix Central website.
  • To get information about the download process, or help during the process, see Fix Central help (


On the Fix Central page, specify the product information needed to identify and download the fix that you need.
  1. On the Select product tab, select Product group > IBM Spectrum Computing.
  2. From the Product drop-down list, select IBM Spectrum LSF Process Manager.
  3. From the Installed Version drop-down list, select the version that is currently installed on your system.
  4. From the Platform drop-down list, select the platform that you are using, or select All for all platforms.
  5. Click Continue to find available fixes.
  6. On the Select fixes page, browse and select from the list of fixes for your product, version, and platform, then click Continue.
  7. On the Download options page, specify how you prefer to download the fix and any other required information.
  8. Download the files that implement the fix.
  9. To apply the fix, follow the instructions in the Readme file that is downloaded with the fix.