Change your server

You can change the server you are using in any of the three client applications (Flow Editor, Flow Manager, and Calendar Editor).

Changing the server affects only the current session of the client application. The next time you open the client application, the server defined in js.conf is still used.

  1. In any of the client applications, select File > Change Server.

    The Change Server dialog opens.

  2. Specify the host name and port for the new server. Use the drop down list to select from any host names or ports that you have specified before.

  3. Click OK.

    The client application connects to the new server. You may be asked for your username and password. If the connection fails, the previous server is used instead.

  4. Check you server host name and port number in the lower left hand corner of your client application. In Flow Manager, status is also available.

    You have changed your server.