Set the client environment


  1. Set the Process Manager environment on each client:
    • On csh or tcsh:

      source JS_TOP/conf/cshrc.js

    • On sh, ksh or bash:

      . JS_TOP/conf/profile.js

    where JS_TOP is the top-level Process Manager installation directory, the value specified in the install.config file.

  2. After the Process Manager Server has started, run the client applications to verify the success of the installation:
    1. Run flowmanager
    2. Run caleditor
    3. Run floweditor

    Both the Calendar Editor and the Flow Manager require a connection to the Server to be able to start. If you are unable to start either application, there is an error in the configuration, or the Server is not started.


    Flow Editor might not be installed if you purchased the Platform Suite for SAS. For more information or to purchase Flow Editor, contact your sales representative.