About the document

This document describes how to install the software required to run the IBM Spectrum LSF Process Manager(Process Manager) software on Windows® machines.

This document assumes the following:
  • You have installed IBM Spectrum LSF

  • You will install Process Manager Server and clients on a single Windows host.

    Your cluster will be composed of only Windows hosts. There are no UNIX hosts in the cluster.

About the software

The Process Manager software includes the Process Manager Server and Client. Each component is required to run jobs using Process Manager.
  • The Process Manager Server controls the submission of jobs to LSF®, managing any dependencies between the jobs.

    LSF dispatches all jobs submitted to it by the Process Manager Server, and returns the status of each jobs to the Process Manager Server. LSF also manages any resource requirements and performs load balancing within the compute cluster.

  • The Process Manager Client allows you to monitor and control your workload as it runs.

    You can install all of the components on a single host, or you can install the Process Manager Server and LSF on separate hosts. This document describes how to install all components on a single host.