Add a UNIX client


  1. Copy the client tar file for the operating system Process Manager Client will run on to the UNIX host on which you want to install Process Manager.

    For example, ppm10.2_pinstall.tar.Z.

  2. Untar ppm10.2_pinstall.tar.Z as follows:
    % zcat ppm10.2_pinstall.tar.Z|tar xvf -

    This creates a directory called ppm10.2_pinstall.

  3. In ppm10.2_pinstall, edit section 1 of the file install.config to define your configuration.

    Remove the comment symbol (#) and set values for the following parameters:

    • For JS_TOP, specify the full path to the top-level Process Manager installation directory. The installation script will create the directory you specify.
    • For JS_HOST, specify the fully qualified hostname of the host on which the Process Manager daemon will run. You can specify only one host, as each host requires its own configuration files.
    • For JS_PORT, specify the port number through which the clients will access the Process Manager Server. The default is 1966.
    • For JS_TARDIR, specify the full path to the directory containing the Process Manager distribution tar files.The default is the parent directory of the current working directory where jsinstall is running.