Run your flow once

When you have finished creating a flow definition, you can run the flow immediately from the Flow Editor. You may want to do this to test the job sequence in a flow, or when the flow is to be run only once, and not on a recurring schedule. If you plan to run a flow again, or on a recurring basis, ensure that you submit the flow definition.

From the Flow Editor


  1. Ensure that the Process Manager Server is up and running.
  2. When you have completed the flow definition, from the Action menu, select Run Now.
  3. In the Run Flow Confirmation dialog, click Yes. The flow will run once. A copy of the flow definition is not retained in the Flow Manager. You can view the flow from your adhoc folder in the Flow Manager.

From the command line


  1. On the command line, type the following:

    jrun flow_file_name

    where flow_file_name is the full path name of the file containing the flow definition.

  2. Press Enter.