Prepare the configuration on the failover host


  1. Log on to the failover host as root or as the primary Process Manager administrator.
  2. Make the Process Manager directory current. For example:
    # cd /usr/share/pmanager/ppm10.2_pinstall

    Logging installation sequence in /usr/share/pmanager/ppm10.2_pinstall/ppm10.2_pinstall/Install.log

  3. Copy install.config from the Process Manager Server host to the failover host, replacing the one in the installation package.
  4. Edit install.config as follows:
    1. Add JS_FAILOVER parameter and specify true.
    2. Optional. For the JS_FOD_PORT parameter, specify the port number of the failover daemon. If you do not specify a port number, it defaults to 1999. Be sure to remove the comment character #.
  5. Save install.config.