places a previously committed flow definition on hold. No automatic events can submit this definition until it has been explicitly released. Use this command when you want to temporarily interrupt automatic submission of a flow. When a flow is on hold, it can still be submitted manually, such as for testing purposes.


jhold [-u user_name] flow_name [flow_name ...]

jhold [-h]|[-V]


You use the jhold command to place a committed flow definition on hold. This prevents it from being submitted automatically by any events. You must be the owner of a flow definition or the Process Manager administrator to place a flow definition on hold.


-u user_name

Specifies the name of the user who owns the flow. Use this option if you have administrator authority and you are holding the flow on behalf of another user. If you do not specify a user name, user name defaults to the user who invoked this command.


Specifies the name of the flow definition. To specify a list of flow definitions, separate the flow definition names with a space.


Prints the command usage to stderr and exits.


Prints the Process Manager release version to stderr and exits.


jhold myflow

Places the flow definition myflow, which is owned by the current user, on hold.

jhold -u "user01" payupdt

Places the flow definition payupdt, which is owned by user01, on hold.

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