displays information about the flow definitions stored in Process Manager for the specified user.


jdefs [-l] [-v][-u user_name|-u all] [-s status] [definition_name [definition_name ...]]

jdefs [-h]|[-V]


You use the jdefs command to display information about flow definitions and any associated flows. When using the default display option, the following information is displayed:

  • user name
  • flow name
  • the status of the flow definition
  • flow IDs of any associated flows
  • the state of each flow
  • flow version history and details



Specifies to display the information in long format. In addition to the information listed above, this option displays the following information:

  • any events defined to submit the flow
  • any exit conditions specified in the flow definition
  • the default version and the latest version of the flow

Displays the version history of the flow.

-u user_name

Specifies the name of the user who owns the flow definitions. If you do not specify a user name, user name defaults to the user who invoked this command. If you specify -u all, information is displayed about flow definitions owned by all users.

-s status
Specifies to display information about only the flow definitions that have the specified status. The default is to display all flow definitions regardless of status. Specify one of the following values for status:

Displays information about flow definitions that are on hold: these are definitions that are not currently eligible to trigger automatically.


Displays information about flow definitions that are not on hold. This includes any flow definitions that were submitted with events and flow definitions that were submitted to be triggered manually. This does not include flows that were submitted on an adhoc basis, to be run once, immediately.


Specifies the name of the flow definition. If you do not specify a flow name, all flow definitions meeting the criteria are displayed. To specify a list of flow definitions, separate the flow definition names with a space.


Prints the command usage to stderr and exits.


Prints the Process Manager release version to stderr and exits.


jdefs -u barneyt -s RELEASE

Displays all flow definitions owned by barneyt that are not on hold.