deletes an existing calendar.


jcdel [-f][-u user_name] cal_name [cal_name ...]

jcdel [-h]|[-V]


You use the jcdel command to delete one or more calendars from Process Manager. You must be the owner of a calendar to delete it.

If you delete a calendar that is currently in use by a flow definition or flow, or another calendar, the deleted calendar will continue to be available to these existing instances, but will no longer be available to new instances.



Specifies to force the deletion of the calendar.

-u user_name

Specifies the name of the user who owns the calendar. If you do not specify a user name, the user name defaults to the user who invoked this command.


Specifies the name of the calendar you are deleting. You can specify multiple calendar names by separating the names with a space.


Prints the command usage to stderr and exits.


Prints the Process Manager release version to stderr and exits.


jcdel -u "barneyt" Rundays2001

Deletes the calendar Rundays2001 owned by the user barneyt.

See also

jcadd, jcals