About the calendar editor

You use the Calendar Editor to create calendars that define the dates on which you want some action to take place. Calendars are required to create time events to trigger flows or dispatch jobs at a particular time. The 6 Server must be running before you can use the Calendar Editor.

About the Calendar Editor user interface

The Calendar Editor is divided into two panes:

  • The list of calendars in the left-hand pane

  • The calendar definition in the right-hand pane

    When you create a new calendar, you define the calendar in the right-hand pane. When you save the calendar, it appears in the list of calendars, under your user ID in the left-hand pane.

About the toolbar

The Calendar Editor toolbar looks like this:

About calendar names

When you create a calendar, you need to save it with a unique name. Some rules apply:

  • Calendar names can contain the digits 0 to 9, the characters a to z and A to Z, underscore (_), and dash (-)

  • Calendar names cannot begin with a number