Mainframe support

Process Manager with IBM® z/OS® mainframe support allows you to dispatch jobs to a mainframe and monitor their progress using FTP (file transfer protocol) technology on Microsoft® Windows® or UNIX.

z/OS® is an operating system for IBM’s zSeries mainframes.

For more information about z/OS, see IBM’s z/OS website:

How does it work?

The Process Manager daemon (the jfd) supports mainframe by submitting an LSF® proxy job which controls the FTP to the mainframe host. The LSF proxy job (through FTP) submits, monitors, and retrieves the output of the mainframe job. This means that mainframe jobs specify both mainframe and LSF details.


  • A valid z/OS mainframe user ID


  • z/OS does not support suspending or resuming jobs
  • Job arrays for mainframe jobs are not supported
  • On Windows, if you want to be able to kill a mainframe job, you must submit the job to a queue set up specifically for that purpose.