About IBM Spectrum LSF Process Manager

This chapter introduces IBM Spectrum LSF Process Manager (Process Manager) concepts, contains an overview of the architecture, and describes the client components and their use.


Process Manager is a workload management tool that allows users to automate their business processes in UNIX and Windows environments with flexible scheduling capabilities and load balancing in an extensible, robust execution environment.

Process Manager has Java clients (Flow Editor, Flow Manager, and Calendar Editor), and a web client integrated with IBM Spectrum LSF Application Center. Using the Java or web clients, users can create and submit complex flow definitions to the Process Manager Server, which manages the dependencies within a flow and controls the submission of jobs to the IBM Spectrum LSF(LSF) management host. LSF® provides resource management and load balancing, and runs the jobs and returns job status to the Process Manager Server. From the client, users can also monitor and control their workflows within Process Manager.

An optional failover host provides Process Manager Server redundancy in the event that it experiences an outage.