Running IBM Spectrum LSF commands

IBM Spectrum LSF Application Center Desktop Client includes the IBM Spectrum LSF client. You can run IBM Spectrum LSF commands as desired.


  1. From your desktop, select Start, then enter the cmd command in the Search field to open a command window.
  2. In the command window, log on with the command paclogon if you have not logged in.
    • Enter your user name. This must be a valid user on the IBM Spectrum LSF Application Center server.
    • Enter your password.
    • Enter the URL of the IBM Spectrum LSF Application Center installation to connect to. For example: https://pac_host:8443/platform.
  3. Run any IBM Spectrum LSF command.
    Supported bsub.exe parameters for Desktop Client:
    1. Category: I/O, job submission along with input/output file handling and directories:
      • -f with file upload option (file operator: >)
      • -i, -is, -cwd, outdir
      • -o, -oo, -eo, -e, -ee (limited support), The output files will be stored on the submission host (IBM Spectrum LSF Application Center server) once the job completes.
      Note: Windows only: When using submission forms, use only a slash (/) instead of backslash (\) in the file path for the -cwd option.
    2. Category: Limit, job submission where job limits are specified
      • -c, -C, -D, -eptl, -F, -hl, -M, -p, -ptl, -S, -T, -ul, -v, -W, -We
    3. Category: Notify, Job submission along with user notification control
      • -B, -N, -u
    4. Category: Properties, Specify the job submission properties
      • -app, -ar, -data, -datagrp, -E, -Ep, -g, -J, -Jd, -jsdl_strict, -k, -P, -Lp, -q, -Q, -r, -rn, -rnc, -s, -sla, -sp, -wa, -wt
      • -env (limited to only key-value pairs)
    5. Category: Script, Job submission using job scripts
      • -Zs, -stdin redirection <
    6. Category: Resource, Specify resources and resource requirements
      • -L, -R, -m, -clusters, -freq, -hostfile, -n, -U
    7. Category: Schedule, Control job scheduling and dispatch
      • -b, -ext, -G, -H, -mig, -t, -ti, -x, -w
      • -a (if esub is not running on the IBM Spectrum LSF Application Center Server, it will display an error message)