Categorizing submission templates and flow definitions

On the Workload Definitions > Templates page in the Workload tab, you can organize submission templates and flow definitions so that users can easily find what they need.

About this task

The organization structure that you create on the Workload tab is displayed to users in the Workload Definitions > Templates and Workload Definitions > Flow Definitions.

If you want users to be able to organize submission templates and flow definitions, you need to create a role that has View, Control & Configure permissions for Folder in the section Submission Resources Organization.

  • The IBM Spectrum LSF Application Center administrator role has full permissions: View, Control, & Configure. This user role can view folders, create and delete folders, and move and modify folders.
  • The Flow Designer role has View & Control permissions. The Flow Designer can view folders and create folders. Users who already have the Flow Administrator role are by default assigned the Flow Designer role.
  • The Normal user role has View Only permission. Submission template and flow definition permissions define which files users can see and operate on. Users can only move flow definitions that they own, and submission templates for which they have the Configure permission assigned to their role.
  • All other built-in roles have the same permissions as the Normal user role.


  1. Go to the Workload tab, and select Definitions.
  2. Click Create a new folder to create folders.
    Add descriptions to folders so that users can identify which folders are relevant to them.
    You can also add descriptions for submission templates.
  3. Drag and drop files into folders to organize them.

    You can also create Favorites shortcuts to folders and files for easy access.