Purging data more often

How much data is in the database affects job querying performance. The parameter that controls job information and data purging for done and exited jobs is FINISH_JOB_TIME_TO_LIVE in the $GUI_CONFDIR/pmc.conf file. The default for FINISH_JOB_TIME_TO_LIVE value is 14 days. Make it smaller to reduce the database table size and speed up job querying.

About this task

Note: The value of the FINISH_JOB_TIME_TO_LIVE parameter must be larger than 1 day and larger than the parameter MOVE_FINISHED_JOBS_AFTER in the $PERF_CONFDIR/dataloader/commonjobloader.properties file.

The value you set for the FINISH_JOB_TIME_TO_LIVEparameter depends on your users' expectations and for how long users need to keep information and data for done and exited jobs.

If in doubt, set this parameter to a higher number because after the FINISH_JOB_TIME_TO_LIVE time period is reached, job information and data is permanently removed and cannot be recovered.


  1. Open the $GUI_CONFDIR/pmc.conf file.
  2. Reduce the number of days from 14 to any desired number.
  3. Restart IBM Spectrum LSF Application Center.

    Run the pmcadmin stop command, then the pmcadmin start command.