This tag describes a service, its options, description, and available actions. It has the following attributes:

Name Description Required
id Identifies a unique name for this agent within the IBM Spectrum LSF Application Center servers. true

It can include the following sub-tags:

Name Description Required
<pac:name> Name of the service. The value will display on top of web page true
<pac:info> Description of the service. The message will display in front of the whole service contents false
<pac:html> Contains XHTML tags or other information that is displayed together with the form. false
<pac:option> The element that user will see in the browser and will become variables in the backend environment false
<pac:action> Specifies the script or command that is run when users submit the HMTL form filled with the proper parameters false


<pac:service id="hello_pac">
   <pac:option id="USER_NAME" label="@{userName}:" type="text" />
   <pac:action id="submit" label="@{submit}">
      PAC_TOP/service/samples/hello.sh hello-pac
      <pac:result type="text/html" />