This tag describes an option that users must specify in order to run a service. It has the following attributes:

Name Description Required
id Identifies a unique name for this agent within the Platform Application Center. True
type Describes how the option should be presented to users. Possible values: label,text, list, radio, file, hidden, text area, time, checkbox; list ,radio and checkbox require a list of choices True
label Specifies a name for this option False
value Specifies the default value of an option False
helpText Specifies the help message for an option. The page displays this icon image:
required Specifies the value of option is optional or required False
hidden Specifies whether the option is visible or invisible False
width Specifies the width of an input field False
readonly Specifies that an input field should be read-only False
multi Specifies the option is a drop-down list or multiple selection False
size Specifies the number of visible options in a multiple selection False
rows Specifies the visible number of rows in a text area False
cols Specifies the visible width of a text area False
html_event Specifies an HTML event to trigger when the control is used. Supported events:
  • onabort
  • onblur
  • onchange
  • onclick
  • ondblclick
  • onerror
  • onfocus
  • onkeydown
  • onkeypress
  • onkeyup
  • onload
  • onmousedown
  • onmousemove
  • onmouseout
  • onmouseover
  • onmouseup
  • onreset
  • onresize
  • onselect
  • onsubmit
  • onunload
filter If the type attribute isrfb, specifies a list of file extensions available in a drop-down list to filter in the remote file browser. Use a comma to separate the different file extensions:


If the filter attribute is not set (or is empty), the filter drop-down list only has All as the option.

base If the type attribute is rfb, defines buttons in the remote file browser that each map to a specified directory. Each button definition consists of the file path and an optional alias for the file path after a colon. Use a semicolon to separate multiple button definitions:



<pac:option> can include the following sub-tags:

Name Description Required
<pac:option> Specifies an optional tag if the parent <pac:option> requires a list of choices, like <pac:list>, <pac:radio> and <pac:checkbox> False

<pac:option> can be contained in another <pac:option> tag, as an optional tag if the parent <pac:option> requires a list of choices.

If the type attribute is equal to one of the following, it is propagated in the final HTML code:

  • label: add plain text to your submission form

  • text: add fields to collect user input

  • list: allow users to select items from a predefined list

  • radio: add a set of exclusive choices as radio buttons

  • file: upload local files

  • hidden: add hidden fields

  • textarea: add a field for multiline text input or display

  • time: add fields to specify date and time

  • checkbox: add fields with a yes/no value as checkboxes

  • rfb: select files from the server in a remote file browser window

A label option

<pac:option id="lable1" type="label" helpText="this is a label" />

A text option

<pac:option id="DEPARTMENT" label="this is a text box" type="text" width="25%" 

A drop-down list option

<pac:option id="cpu" label="Your CPU type" type="list">
<pac:option id="i386">386</pac:option>
<pac:option id="i586">Pentium</pac:option>
<pac:option id="ia64">Itanium</pac:option>

A multi-selection option

<pac:option id="cpu" label="Your CPU type" type="list" multi="true" size="4">
<pac:option id="i386">386</pac:option>
<pac:option id="i586">Pentium</pac:option>
<pac:option id="ia64">Itanium</pac:option>

A radio box option

<pac:option id="RADIO" label=" this is a radio box:" type="radio">
   <pac:option checked="true">Y</pac:option>

A file box option

<pac:option id="INP_INPUT_FILE" label="this is a file uploader" type="file"/>

A hidden option

<pac:option id="hidden" label="hidden label" type="hidden"> 1 </pac:option>

A time option

<pac:option id="timepicker" label=" this is a time picker" hidden="false" 
type="time" />

A text area option

<pac:option id="PCC_LSF_ORG_NOTE" label="this is a text area" type="textarea" 
cols="18" rows="3" />

A checkbox option

<pac:option id="CHECKBOX_1" label="this is a check box" type="checkbox">
   <pac:option label="111">1</pac:option>
   <pac:option label="222">2</pac:option>

An option with an HTML event

<pac:option id="QUEUE" label="Queues" type="list" onchange="alert('You select
   <pac:action id="queues">
 $GUI_CONFDIR/application/options/queue.sh normal

A remote file browser option to select a file from the server with shortcuts to tmp and home directories

<pac:option id="file_select" label="Select a file from the server" type="rfb" 
base="/tmp:tmpdir;/home:homedir" filter=".java,.xml" />