This tag redirects to the Job Details page. Use it after you submitted a job to display results.

<pac:job-details> has the following attributes:

Name Description Required
id ID of the job. Use the variable ${JOBID}. True
redirect URL of the details page. Use the variable $JOB_DETAIL_URL?insld=${JOBID} for the URL. True
jobName Descriptive name for the job. Optional for jobs. Required for job arrays.
bsubH If the job is submitted with the bsub -H option, this attribute must be set to true. When a job is submitted with the bsub -H option, LSF® holds the job in the Suspended state when the job is submitted. Default value is false.


<pac:service id="test"> 
 <pac:action label="Submit" id="submit" result="text/xml">
             echo "<pac:job-details id=\"${JOBID}\" 
             redirect='$JOB_DETAIL_URL?jobld=${JOBID}' bsubH="false"  jobName=\"${JOBNAME}\"/>"