Configuring IBM Spectrum LSF Application Center to start Citrix applications

You can configure IBM Spectrum LSF Application Center so that your users can start Citrix applications from within IBM Spectrum LSF Application Center .

Before you begin

Before you proceed with the configuration, ensure that the following prerequisites are met:
  • You have Citrix XenApp version 6.5 or higher, up to version 7.5
  • You downloaded the Web Interface 5.4 component (WebInterface.jar) from the Citrix website.
  • You have applications that are already configured in Citrix Studio.
  • Users use the same user name and password to access IBM Spectrum LSF Application Center, as to access the trusted domain used for authentication defined in Citrix Studio.
  • Users must have Citrix Receiver installed on the client.


  1. As root, log on to your IBM Spectrum LSF Application Center server.
  2. Set your environment.

    For example:

    • For csh or tcsh:

      % source /opt/pac/cshrc.platform

    • For sh, ksh, or bash:

      $ . /opt/pac/profile.platform

  3. Copy Web Interface 5.4 files to IBM Spectrum LSF Application Center .
    1. Extract the WebInterface.jar file.
    2. Extract the XenApp.war file from the extracted WebInterface.jar directory into the local directory XenApp.
    3. Copy all JAR files from the XenApp\WEB-INF\lib directory to your IBM Spectrum LSF Application Center installation ($PAC_TOP/gui/3.0/wlp/usr/shared/resources/citrix).
    4. Create the $PAC_TOP/gui/3.0/wlp/usr/servers/platform/apps/platform.war/WEB-INF/citrix directory if it does not exist.
    5. Copy the XenApp/languages directory and its files to the $PAC_TOP/gui/3.0/wlp/usr/servers/platform/apps/platform.war/WEB-INF/citrix directory.
    6. Copy the XenApp/WEB-INF/WebInterfaceEventIds.txt file to the $PAC_TOP/gui/3.0/wlp/usr/servers/platform/apps/platform.war/WEB-INF/citrix directory.
    7. Ensure that the copied files have the same permissions as other files in the citrix directory.
  4. Edit $GUI_CONFDIR/application/citrix/citrix.conf and uncomment the parameters to connect to your Citrix XenApp installation.
    • For ServiceAddress, specify the IP address of the Delivery Controller as defined in Citrix Studio.
    • For ServicePort, specify the port number of the Delivery Controller as defined in Citrix Studio. Only HTTP is supported.
    • For WebSite, specify the display name of the Delivery Controller as defined in Citrix Studio.
    • For Xendomain, specify the trusted domain name used for authentication, as defined in Citrix Studio.

    For example:

    # Citrix XenApp Server Host Address
    # Citrix XenApp Port
    # Citrix XenApp Site Name
    # Citrix XenApp Server Trusted Domain Name
  5. Restart IBM Spectrum LSF Application Center for changes to take effect.
  6. Navigate to Workload > Definitions > Templates.
  7. Click New > Template and create a template based on the Citrix application.

    From the Create New Template dialog, select the appropriate template from the Based on Template field.

  8. Allow users to access the new Citrix application.
    1. Select System & Settings > Settings > User Roles & Permissions.
    2. Hover over the user role for which you want to assign permissions and click Modify.

      The Modify Role Definition dialog is displayed.

    3. Expand Application Templates and click Control.
    4. Select the templates that you want to assign, select the View & Control permissions for these templates, and click OK.
    5. Click Apply to make the permissions settings take effect.

      Users with that assigned role now have access to your Citrix application from Jobs > Citrix Applications.

  9. To define pre- or post-execution actions, map to the Citrix applications in the $PAC_TOP/gui/conf/Repository.xml file and configure the corresponding applications in the Citrix Server.
    1. Edit the $PAC_TOP/gui/conf/Repository.xml file and define the appropriate file paths in the <Repository> or <ShareDirectory> elements.

      Make sure that the path maps to a Samba or NFS directory.

      For example, if the shared disk is \\\home\@USER@ in the template, edit the $PAC_TOP/gui/conf/Repository.xml file and specify /home in the <Repository> or <ShareDirectory> elements.

    2. Start Citrix Studio and click Applications.
    3. Select the application that you want to use and click Properties.

      The Application Settings page displays.

    4. Click Location and set the Command line argument field to %**.
    5. Click OK to apply your changes to Citrix Studio.