Step 1: Configure the custom column in customJobColumn.xml

You add custom columns to the Workload page for jobs, job array elements, jobs that belong to job groups, and flows with the configuration file $GUI_CONFDIR/customJobColumn.xml.


  1. Edit the file $GUI_CONFDIR/customJobColumn.xml.
  2. Add a <JobColumn> section for your custom column.
    The following example adds the column Application Status, taking as input the predefined values for memory usage and job priority:
    <JobColumnGroup id="customColumn" name=""> 
    <JobColumn id="appStatus">              
        <Command type="CLI">$GUI_CONFDIR/application/>
        <ColumnName>Application Status</ColumnName>      
        <Tooltip>Application state reported by application library </Tooltip>   
        <InputParams> MEMORY;PRIORITY  </InputParams>          
  3. Save the file.
  4. Validate the XML file against the xsd file $GUI_CONFDIR/customJobColumn.xsd.