Job notifications

Job status change notifications are enabled by default. The parameter that enables or disables notifications is ENABLE_JOB_NOTIFICATION in the $GUI_CONFDIR/pmc.conf file on the IBM Spectrum LSF Application Center server.

The associated notification service is PNC, controlled with the commands pmcadmin start and pmcadmin stop.

The notifications port is set in the configuration file $GUI_CONFDIR/

Users can receive notifications on their desktop in IBM Spectrum LSF Application Center Desktop Client, on their mobile device when IBM Spectrum LSF mobile client is installed, and can also see them in the Workload tab, on the Workload Notifications page.

When notifications are enabled, all submission forms automatically have a Notification section, where users can set specific notifications for each submitted job.

You can also set a job notification through the command-line for jobs not submitted with IBM Spectrum LSF Application Center with the command regnotify.

Requirements for mobile notifications

To send notifications to a cell phone:

  • The IBM Spectrum LSF Application Center server must be able to connect to the Internet
  • Users must have downloaded and installed IBM Spectrum LSF mobile client on their cell phone
  • Users must have configured the connection information for IBM Spectrum LSF Application Center and logged in successfully. Required connection information:
    • Service URL: http://application_center_server_host_name:port/platform
    • User name
    • Password

Disabling job status change notifications

When job status change notifications are enabled, the system periodically checks the job status, which can make the database and the web server very busy. It is best to disable job status change notifications if you do not use this feature.

  1. Open the $GUI_CONFDIR/pmc.conf file.
  2. Set the parameter ENABLE_JOB_NOTIFICATION=N.
  3. Restart IBM Spectrum LSF Application Center.

    Run the pmcadmin stop command, then the pmcadmin start command.