Viewing estimated time remaining to complete a job

Applies only to jobs, job arrays, and job groups. When you submit a job and specify the estimated run time, IBM Spectrum LSF calculates the estimated finish time for running or pending jobs and the estimated remaining time of jobs. You can view this information from the Jobs and Job Details pages.

Before you begin

To view the estimated time remaining to complete a job, you must submit the job with an estimated job run time with the IBM Spectrum LSF bsub command, -We option.


  1. In the Jobs tab, select Jobs.
  2. Click the Options button to display available columns.
  3. Click to place a check mark next to the columns:
    • Run Time
    • Time Remaining
    • Estimated Run Time
  4. Click Apply.

    You can now see the estimated times for a job when you submit the job and specify an estimated run time. Estimated times are displayed in gray italics.