Submitting a job flow manually and setting variables

When you create a flow definition that is not triggered automatically by an event, it needs to be triggered explicitly before it can run.

About this task

To run a flow more than once, but to trigger it manually as required, you submit the flow definition, specifying that it will be triggered manually. The flow definition is submitted to Process Manager, where it awaits a manual trigger.When you trigger a flow, you can pass parameters to the flow using user variable and value pairs. The values are available to any job in the flow, for the life of the flow. For example, you can use this to specify the path to the data files to be processed.


  1. In the Workload tab, select Definitions > Flow Definitions.
  2. In the Flow Definitions summary table list of flow definitions find the flow definition you want to trigger.
  3. Select the flow definition in the check box next to the flow definition name, and click Submit.
  4. In the displayed dialog, specify any input variables for your flow and click OK.

    A flow is created from the flow definition and submitted to LSF to run.