Rerunning a flow while a job is still running

You can rerun a flow that has the Running, Exited, or Done state.

About this task

This is useful for flows that have several branches. When one branch fails, you can rerun the branch without waiting for other branches of the flow to complete.

You can:

  • Set or unset starting points when there are still jobs running in the flow.

  • Choose whether to rerun the flow from:

    • Exited items and starting points. The flow will rerun from any starting points, exited work items, and, from the item following any manually completed jobs provided dependencies are met.

    • Starting points only. The flow will rerun only from starting points.

Note that you can only rerun a running flow if the part of the flow to be rerun does not overlap with items that are currently running.


  1. Select Workload > Workload.
  2. Locate the flow you want to rerun.
  3. Click the Control > Rerun button.

    The Rerun Flow dialog is displayed.

  4. Select whether to rerun the flow from exited items and starting points, or from starting points only and click OK.

    The flow is rerun, beginning with any jobs that exited, were killed, or were set as rerun starting points.