Using variables within flows

You can create a loop for a job, a flow, or a subflow. You use exception handlers and exit codes for looping.

IBM Spectrum LSF Process Manager provides substitution capabilities through the use of variables. When IBM Spectrum LSF Process Manager encounters a variable, it substitutes the current value of that variable.

You can use variables as part or all of a file name to make file names flexible, or you can use them to pass arguments to and from scripts. You can export the value of a variable to one or more jobs in a flow, or to other flows that are currently running on the same IBM Spectrum LSF Process Manager Server. You can also use variables in the index expression of a job array definition, in the message sent when a manual job requires completion, or when a job runs.

You can set a value for a single variable within a script, or set values for a list of variables, and make all of the values available to the flow or to the IBM Spectrum LSF Process Manager Server. They can use a single variable or a list of variables within a job, job array or file event definition.