Inserting flows in other flows

At any time, you can include an existing flow definition in another flow. You can link to a flow definition, which means that you can maintain the linked flow definition separately from the flow. You can also copy a flow definition into another flow definition.

Before you begin

In order to be able to select flow definitions to copy or link, the flow definitions must have the status Published.

About this task

Tip: View the example: Workload > Definitions > Flow Definitions > New > Flow Definition and select Importing an example definition, dynamic_flow.xml in the Create Draft Definition dialog. Repeat the steps to also create the flow target_flow.xml.


  1. Within a flow in Flow Editor, select Insert > Subflow or Flow Array.

    The subflow icon is added to your flow.

  2. Select the icon, right-click and select Open Definition.

    The Add a Definition dialog is displayed in which you can select the flow definition to add as a subflow.

    You can view and edit the jobs in the subflow by double-clicking on the subflow to display its contents. Any changes you make apply only to the subflow.