Importing a local flow definition file

If you have a previous version of Process Manager, flow definitions are stored locally on your computer. You can import them to the server.

About this task

You can also export a flow definition to your local disk by selecting the flow definition from Workload > Definitions > Flow Definitions, and clicking Actions > Export in the Flow Definitions details pane.

The following steps describe how to import a flow definition.


  1. In IBM Spectrum LSF Application Center, select Workload > Definitions > Flow Definitions.
  2. Select New > Flow Definition.
  3. In the Create Draft Definition dialog, select Importing a local definition file, and browse for the local definition XML file that you want to import to the server.

    In Definition Name, give your flow definition a unique name and click Create.

    The Flow Editor displays your definition.

  4. Save your definition as a draft or commit it as a new version.
    1. Select Flow Definition > Save Draft to save your draft flow definition to the server
    2. Select Flow Definition > Commit Draft as New Version to commit a new version to the server.