Editing a committed flow definition

To edit a committed flow definition, you create a new flow definition version.


  1. In IBM Spectrum LSF Application Center, select Workload > Definitions > Flow Definitions on the Workload tab.
  2. Select the commited flow definition that you want to edit.
  3. Click Modify.

    The Modify with New Version dialog is displayed.

  4. Select the version of the committed definition that you want to use as a starting point for the new version, and click Create.

    The Flow Editor opens.

  5. Edit your new draft in Flow Editor, and select Flow Definition > Save Draft to save the flow definition.
  6. When you are ready to commit the flow definition as a version that can be used by other users, select Flow Definition > Commit Draft as New Version.
  7. Share the committed flow definition with other users.
    1. Exit Flow Editor, and select Workload > Definitions > Flow Definitions,
    2. Select the definition you want to share with others, and click Publish.
      Note: You must be a Flow Administrator to publish a flow definition.