Customizing the IBM Spectrum LSF Application Center URL

By default, the IBM Spectrum LSF Application Center URL contains the string platform in the path. For example, http://host1:8080/platform. You can, define your own string in the path.

About this task


  1. Edit the file $GUI_CONFDIR/jvm.options and specify your custom string in the parameter

    The custom string can contain alphanumeric characters and underscores (_). Spaces and other special characters are not valid.

    For example:
  2. Restart IBM Spectrum LSF Application Center for changes to take effect.
    pmcadmin stop
    pmcadmin start
  3. Complete this step only if you are using IBM Spectrum LSF Application Center with multiple instances. If you are using Platform Application Center with multiple instances, you also need to specify the new session name in the plugin-cfg.xml file on the IBM® HTTP Server.
    For example:
    <UriGroup  Name=" default_host_defaultServer_default_node_Cluster_URIs ">
     <Uri AffinityCookie ="JSESSIONID"  AffinityURLIdentifier ="jsessionid" Name="/mycompany/*"/>  
  4. Test your new access URL.

    For example, if you changed the string to mycompany, your new URL is now: http://host1:8080/mycompany.