Adding a custom page in the navigation

Edit the navigation to add a custom page in the IBM Spectrum LSF Application Center navigation.

About this task

Extend the functionality of IBM Spectrum LSF Application Center by adding custom pages to the navigation. You can add custom pages to any existing menu in the navigation, or to a custom menu that you added. Choose from a number of useful example custom pages that you can add to the navigation.


  1. Choose Edit Navigation on the page header.
  2. Decide where to add your custom page.
    • Click Add Custom Page to add a page at the top level of the navigation
    • Click beside an existing menu to add a custom page before, after, or under the existing menu.
  3. In the Add Custom Page dialog, enter a page name, a URL, and any permission that is required to access the new page.
    The URL must be in the following form:
    where service_ID is the ID of the custom page you want to add.
    For example, the following URL submits a sample job:
  4. Optional: If your custom page points to an external application that requires authentication, such as IBM Spectrum Scale, check Authentication, and enter an authentication URL.
  5. Click Add.
  6. On the Navigation header menu, choose Apply changes and exit.


Your custom page is available in the navigation menu.

What to do next

Each custom object has its own corresponding permission defined in the Custom Objects group. Assign permissions to these custom objects in the Systems & Settings > Settings > User Roles & Permissions page.