Step 4: Configure the client for X.509 client authentication

Before you begin

You need user certificates and keys for this configuration.


  1. Import the user's keystore file into the user's browser on the client.

    The steps to import the user's keystore are different depending on the browser type:

    • Internet Explorer: Double-click the certificate file (for example, my.p12) to import it.
    • Mozilla Firefox: from the menu, select Options > Options, select Advanced, select the Encryption tab, click the button View Certificates, then click the button Import.
    • Google Chrome: Select the Customize and control Google Chrome icon, select Settings, click Show Advanced Settings, under HTTPS/SSL, click the button Manage Certificates and click the button Import.
  2. Restart the browser.
  3. Test connecting to IBM Spectrum LSF Application Center with the browser.

    Type in the IBM Spectrum LSF Application Center URL and use HTTPS. For example:


    You should be able to view IBM Spectrum LSF Application Center pages without being prompted to log on.