Creating an alarm to send email if a branch of a flow fails

When a work item fails in your flow, you may want to send an email to alert you. You can do so by creating an alarm and adding it to your flow.


  1. Create the alarm. You must be a Process Manager administrator to create and enable an alarm.
    1. Log on to the Process Manager server as the Process Manager administrator. You can find out the host that acts as the Process Manager Server in IBM Spectrum LSF Application Center by selecting System & Settings > System Settings > Flow Manager Service.
  2. Go to $JS_TOP/work/alarm. This is the directory in which all alarms are stored.
  3. Copy the example.alarm file, edit it, and define your own email.
  4. Run the command jreconfigalarm to make your changes take effect.
  5. In Process Manager, Flow Editor, select the alarm, right-click, select Open Definition, and under Alarm type select your newly configured alarm.