Job groups

A collection of jobs can be organized into job groups for easy management. Submit, view, and control jobs according to their groups rather than looking at individual jobs. Job groups are listed in the Workload tab, Workload > By Group.

Access permissions for job groups

Job groups have the same access control and permissions as other IBM Spectrum LSF jobs.

Job group status and status of jobs in the job group

You can see the status of all jobs in a job group by selecting the job group. When you select a job group, you can see all the jobs in that group.

Child job groups are displayed in their own entry. You can view child job groups through the Name column in the Jobs page.

A job group's state reflects the state of jobs in the group. For example, if all jobs in the group are running, the job group's state is Running. However, if some jobs in the group are running and some exited, you see a striped state with both colors. Hovering with your mouse on the state color of the selected job group displays how many jobs are in each state.