Actions you can take on jobs

The possible actions you can take on jobs are: New, Suspend, Resume, Kill, Rerun, Resubmit, View Output, Delete Directories.

Action Description
New Displays a list of applications to which to submit a job. Select an application to display the submission form.
Suspend A job can be suspended by its owner or the IBM Spectrum LSF administrator. These jobs are considered user-suspended and are displayed with the status Suspended.
Resume You can resume a job that was suspended.

You must be the same user who suspended the job. If your job was suspended by the administrator, you cannot resume it; the administrator must resume the job for you.

Resuming a user-suspended job does not put your job into Running state immediately. If your job was running before the suspension, resuming the job first puts your job into Suspended state and then waits for the job to be scheduled according to the load conditions.

Kill You can cancel a job from running or pending by killing it.

If your job is part of a job group, the system only kills jobs in the job group you specify. It does not kill jobs in lower-level job groups in the path.

Rerun Jobs:
  • When you rerun a job, the job is killed and rescheduled.
  • When the job is rerun, it is assigned the Pending status and the job's new position in the queue is after other jobs of the same priority.
  • You can rerun only your own jobs. Only the IBM Spectrum LSF administrator can rerun jobs that are submitted by other users.
  • You cannot rerun interactive batch jobs.
  • You can rerun flows when the flow state is Running, Exited, or Done.

    Rerunning is useful for flows that have several branches. When one branch fails, you can rerun the branch without waiting for other branches of the flow to complete.

    You can take the following actions:
    • Set or unset starting points when there are jobs still running in the flow.
    • Choose whether to rerun the flow from:
      • Starting points and exited jobs. The flow reruns from any starting points, exited jobs, and, from the item that follows any manually completed jobs provided dependencies are met.
      • Starting points only. The flow reruns only from starting points.
    Note: You can only rerun a running flow if the part of the flow to be rerun does not overlap with items that are currently running.
View Output Displays job output while the job is running.
Delete Directories Permanently removes the job directories that are associated with the selected done or exited jobs. If the parameter DELETE_REMOTE_DIR=Y in the configuration file $GUI_CONFDIR/pmc.conf, also deletes remote job directories that are associated with the job.
Resubmit Click on your job name and choose Actions > Resubmit.

When you click Resubmit, the job submission form is displayed pre-filled with the parameters that were used to submit the job.

You can then change any parameters and click Submit to resubmit the job with the new parameters.