Associating file types with specific applications

You can use custom data actions to open data files with specific applications. For example, if you want to open all .dat files with the vi editor in a remote console, configure the custom job data action in the $GUI_CONFDIR/jobdataaction.xml file.

Before you begin

To be able to launch remote applications, you must import the IBM Spectrum LSF Application Center certificate into the client browser. For instructions to install the certificate, see Importing the cacert.pem certificate into the client browser.


  1. Log in to the server as root and configure a new custom job data action in $GUI_CONFDIR/jobdataaction.xml.

    For example, add a custom action to open .dat files with vi:

    ?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
       <JobDataActionGroup id="userAction" name="Custom">
         <JobDataAction id="vi">
    	  <Command type="CLI">xterm -e vi </Command>
             <DisplayName>Open file in vi</DisplayName>
             <Description>Open .dat files in vi</Description>
  2. Go to the Workload page.
  3. Select a job that is run by any application that has output files with the extension .dat. Choose Custom > Open file in vi.

    A remote console is displayed and the file opens in the vi editor.