Download a file (POST)(Deprecated)


Deprecated since version 9.1.5. Use this API instead: Download files (POST).

Downloads job data for a job.

Note: For security reasons, you are not able to view or download hidden files.


HTTP Request Field Field format/value Notes®
HTTP Method POST  
URL http://<hostname>:<port>/platform/webservice/pacclient/filePost/<ID> <ID>: a positive integer
Content-Type text/plain  
Accept text/plain  
Cookie platform_token=<token> <token>: returned from logon




You can also compress files before downloading by specifying a compression command. Format to compress files before downloading:

filename | compression_command

For example, to compress the file myfile with gzip for download:

/shareDisk/jobRepo/lsfadmin/myJob_22111/myfile | gzip

The file path. A relative path is interpreted relative to the job directory.

To compress a file before downloading it, use | compression_command.

Where compression_command is:

Command for the compression program to use to create compressed files to download. Files are compressed, then downloaded to the client. The client must decompress the files after download. The compression program must be installed on the Platform Application Center server and must be in the system path.


HTTP Response Field format/value Notes
Response code "200" - connection ok; otherwise connection failed  
Success Message File content in bytes.  
Failure Message Empty Error details are in the log file.